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Large Owl and Pussycat PendantLarge Owl and Pussycat Pendant

Large Owl and Pussycat Pendant

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This is an impressive piece of jewellery design, its craftsmanship is reminiscent of the renaissance designs of the 16th century but with a contemporary twist!.

Heavyweight silver with a vibrant green enamel boat that even has little dark green \"peas\" on it and a red enamel flag at the top. The boat even has a hallmark as its registration number and three little enamel fish swin underneath!. This popular piece has become a classic and it has been exhibited in several leading galleries across the UK.

The pendant measures approx 65mm (6.5cm) from the suspension loop to the little fish at the bottom by 35mm (3.5cm) across.

This piece can either be supplied on a an adjustable chain or an adjustable omega wire (neither illustrated in photo). Please specify your preference when ordering.Please note that if a wire is chosen then this will add £18 to purchase price.

Product currently unavailable.

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